Company Profile

ANCAM Solutions Company Ltd. (ANCAM) provides solutions. Period. We innovate, design, fabricate, assemble, test and integrate a managed process to provide superior technical solutions for a wide range of customers. Our service lines include Project and Construction Management Services, Engineering Consulting Services (mechanical, electrical, civil and structural), Design Engineering Services, Shop Fabrication and Assembly Services.

Our product lines include our ANCAM-developed Personal Electronic Enabling Remote (PEER) system, Remote Enabling Maintenance Operations Station (REMOS), Custom Engineered Vertical Lifeline (Tower Climb) and many other innovative solutions. So no matter what you are planning, designing, manufacturing, building, constructing or modifying in the world, ANCAM can design the right solutions to fit your requirements.

Our technical services team has advanced skills and qualifications and is supported by a fully equipped shop, a fleet of service vehicles, and purpose designed and built equipment, and a complement of common tools.

As professional engineering is required for many of our projects, we have a team of experienced and skilled Associates competent in core disciplines. Our Professional Services Division, ANCAM Management & Engineering (AME) Consulting applies practical expertise to suit your project needs. We work in mining, mineral processing, steel production, processing and service centres, manufacturing facilities, specialized refining and processing facilities, warehouses and recreational facilities. We embrace the crossover opportunities that exist between our projects; solutions are never unique or isolated, and what works in one area has application in another.

Our Administrative team ensures consistency on every project from start to service; dedicated operations coordination and human resources management control every variable possible through our solution process.

Our commitment to providing customers with exceptional long-term service, parts, and custom service solutions worldwide defines how we do business. Our service promise is one of excellence from start to service.

Management. Engineering. Integration.

From start to service. Period.