Start to Service

ANCAM Solutions Company Ltd. has developed a defined project delivery system which delivers projects through an extremely defined, rigorous and managed process. We start at the beginning – the definition of the job with the planned outcome in mind. It does not matter what the process, project or solution is, the ANCAM system is consistent throughout all stages of the project lifecycle.

We have defined our ‘start to service’ process as follows:Screen Shot 2015-05-30 at 4.59.46 PM

  1. Proposal: The work breakdown structure is defined with anticipated costs for labour, equipment, material and ancillaries, and this information is submitted for client review and approval. When all variables are right, the approval to proceed is given and we start.
  2. Kick Off: We seek alignment with all project team members. This includes solutions delivery team and customer team. An execution plan and a responsibility matrix are developed, along with a schedule to go and an approved budget to frame out the project. We define a customer service representative on each and every project to ensure that, while this project is in process, your interests are represented. We deliver per proposal, per plan. Period.
  3. Engineering: Technical solutions are not random occurrences; they are engineered for success. See our Industrial services page for capabilities and examples. The ANCAM team of experienced and skilled engineers develops practical solutions; we pride ourselves in our ability to weed through the minutia of a job to hit the technical target every time. It starts with a functional philosophy and ends with detailed designs and bills of materials, and we cover the distance in between in the most efficient manner possible. Period.
  4. Procurement: Where required, our expert team of buyers go to work to procure parts or services based on the solution and the project. The ANCAM quality assurance system ensures procurement receives exactly what is required for each and every solution on each and every project. Our procurement team sources the parts we need in the most efficient manner possible. Period.
  5. Shop Fabrication and Assembly: When a combined technical solution is required the services are supplied in house. This is a turnkey approach to solutions, which ensures project success. See our Industrial Services page for capabilities and project examples. Our technical services team can deliver on time and on budget, per the plan. Period.
  6. Installation, Testing and Verification: We take our designs and systems to the field to demonstrate function and performance. Where actions are required we utilize punchlists and other project management techniques/tools to ensure that we have a timeline and a responsible party for the completion of items.

The solution is not complete until it is service-ready in the place it needs to work.

Start to Service – the ANCAM commitment and system to ensure our project finishes per plan each and every time.


Management. Engineering. Integration.

From Start to Service. Period.