Working at Heights Training

ANCAM is proud to offer our new Working at Heights Training program, certified by the Ministry of Labour. We have years of experience both working at heights ourselves, and engineering platforms for our clients.

Why train with us? Through our program, you’ll learn how to find the right Working at Height Pictureanchor for your situation. More importantly, if you have trouble finding an anchor in the future, you’ll be able to contact us for knowledgeable advice.

Ministry requirements

The Ontario Ministry of Labour has announced changes to Regulation 297/13: Occupational Health and Safety Awareness and Training that came into effect on April 1, 2015.

As of that date, workers on construction sites will need to complete a working at heights training program that has been approved by the Chief Prevention Officer before they can work at heights.

Public classes

Public classes are scheduled on a weekly basis. Attendance is $200.00 + HST per participant (limited to 12 participants). For groups larger than 12, we ask that you call us before booking.
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Private classes

Private scheduled at the request of our clients. Cost is determined on an estimate basis, per customer requirements. Classes can take place on our site or yours, and during the week or on a weekend to avoid work disruption.

Contact us to inquire about class availability, or to schedule a private class for 6 or more people.

What you’ll need

Participants are required to attend training with basic Personal Protective Equipment that includes:

  • CSA Safety Eye Protection, And
  • CSA Safety Footwear.

Participants are also asked to have their own or company issued CSA rated harness for the training.

Terms and conditions

ANCAM reserves the right to cancel / reschedule public training dates at any time. If this unlikely situation occurs we will provide a full refund of any fees collected.

We are unable to offer refunds for any other reason.

For more information, download ANCAM’s service flyer.

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